Meisei Institute of Cybernetics Japanese Language Department

address 1-130-1 Shin-matsudo, Matsudo-shi, Chiba 270-0034
TEL +81-47-346-2211
Course Number of classper week Total amount of hours Level Time forenrollment
Japanese (Univ/College Preparation) 24month 80 1600 - 4
Japanese (Univ/College Preparation) 18month 60 1200 - 10
Japanese (Univ/College Preparation) 12month 40 800 - 4
Tuition Fee
Course Application Admission Fee Tuition Studybook Utilities TotalAmount
Japanese (Univ/College Preparation) 24month \20,000 \50,000 \1,128,000 - \135,000 \1,333,000
Japanese (Univ/College Preparation) 18month \20,000 \50,000 \846,000 - \110,000 \1,026,000
Japanese (Univ/College Preparation) 12month \20,000 \50,000 \564,000 - \85,000 \719,000
Accommodation Yes
Major Countries of Students Chinese, Vietnamese, Others
After Graduation -
Note -
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